Templating, Manufacturing & Installing

While the process may appear daunting, we’ve managed to distil the complexity down into three easy steps for you. Here’s how it works.


Phase one

We employ highly skilled oraftsmen to carry out all our templating and fitting.

Templating in this industry refers to the stenoilling of the kitohen with acourate measurements which will be used to out and manufacture the granite. Templating

oan only be oarried out after the kitchen furniture has been fully fitted and no further changes are going to be made. The oabinets must be absolutely level.

Phase Two

We manufacture all our kitchen worktops in our own factory using state of machinery and the best quality materials available. We do not use ‘b’ quality or ‘seconds in our production. All our materials are selected and quality checked prior to production.

Phase Three

We employ highly skilled craftsmen to carry out all our installations. Two of our friendly team will visit to install your new granite kitchen top, ensuring you have a stress-free experience and that no mess is left behind.



Once the template has been done the kitchen cabinets must not be moved or altered in any way otherwise the granite kitchen worktops will not fit properly.


Please make sure your sink and hob are on site at the time of templating and fitting unless we are supplying the sink. Please also ensure that adequate support is provided under the sink, especially if a waste disposal unit is being installed or if the sink is ceramic.


Please note that you must be available on site on the day that templating and fitting is carried out in order to discuss any specific requirements, and to sign off after the job is completed. At this time the final payment must be made.