Full design to completion service Professional loft conversions designed by experts and built by craftsmen

As loft conversion specialists, Crown Projects Limited create lifestyle enhancing living areas – transforming your unused loft space into attractive and functional accommodation to be enjoyed by you and your family.

We have installed a lot of loft conversions throughout the of England and take great pride in providing a full design to completion service that places customer satisfaction at the heart of each project.

Loft conversion benefits

Loft conversions are one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the UK – and for good reason. Read the three main loft conversion benefits below:

Add value​ 1
More Space

A professionally installed loft conversion can add a sizable amount of room to your property. Even the most modest sized loft will often provide enough space for a new bedroom and bathroom . Whether you’re planning on creating a master suite, a space for entertaining guests or even a room to let – a loft conversion is the most cost effective way to unlock the space you require.

More Space
Add value

According to Nationwide Building Society, loft conversions will on average add 21% to the value of your property – and sometimes far more. This makes the return on investment for a loft conversion better than any other form of home improvement. Financially, the loft conversion benefits are without question.

Why move
Why move?

Stamp duty, estate agents, relocation – all major and costly sources of disruption when deciding to move. One of the key loft conversion benefits is the opportunity to avoid this hassle and move up instead. Our clients often comment that the transformation to their property after converting their loft is like living in a brand new home!