Building an extension

Are you planning on building an extension? If so we can help you. From advise on the design right through to the last details of the build, we will guide you through step by step and manage the whole process. From initial planning to electrical, plumbing, heating, insulation and anything else that may arise, we will complete your project.

Home Extension Benefits

Don’t move out, move outwards. If you have outgrown your home then extend. Today it’s far easier than ever before to build the stylish kitchen extension, fully equipped home gym, orangery relaxation room or open-plan entertaining space for family meals and parties with friends without limits. Combine this with a refurbishment of the rest of your home and you could live somewhere completely new without having to move.

You’ll save time and money

Rather than put down a huge deposit on a new home and paying movers to get your furniture to it, putting that money towards expanding your home with an extension is going to save you money in the long run. You’ll probably have money left over to help decorate the new space too! And, you’re going to save yourself an immense amount of time not trying to sell your home and house hunting, not to mention the actual move itself.

You get to make it your own

Rather than starting over in a new home, you get to personalize your existing one even more with home extension. Home extensions are an excellent way of creating the amount of space you actually need, and truly utilizing it the way you really want to. That makes it even more exciting in undertaking this project. Plus, you can get input from those who live in the home with you, making sure everyone is absolutely happy with the design.

You’ll increase the value of your home

Not only will you save money in the short term, but home extensions are a great way of adding value to your home’s worth! If you build a room that is truly effective to the home’s overall design, it will absolutely raise the market worth of the home; the square footage is higher and the home is even more functional after the extension. The cost-effectiveness of home extensions really is a reason in itself to choose this option.

Being able to alter your home with an extension is a real opportunity to create the home of your dreams. Whether it is an extra bedroom or a new space for everyone to hang out in and enjoy, you will not regret building onto your home.